a.  Punctuality

● All students are strongly advised to observe punctuality. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who are late for lectures.

● Students who are more than 15 minutes late for class or leave 15 minutes earlier before the class ends, are marked as absent for that particular day. (Unless you have a “Leave Application Form” that has been approved by the Principal.) (see appendix _for form)

b. Attendance for Examination Eligibility

To be eligible for examinations, students must fulfill an attendance requirement of at least 75% for local students and 90% for international students.

c. Examinations

● Students will be eligible to sit for the end- of – course examinations only if they have attended 75% of lessons.

● The conduct of all examinations will be in accordance with SOHA Examination Administration Procedures.


a.  准时

● 强烈建议学生准时上课。迟到者将接受纪律处分。

● 除非您有“休假申请表”并得到校长的批准。(请看附录   表)

b. 考试资格所需的出席率


c. 考试

● 学生达到75%的出席率才能获得考试资格。

● 考试将根据首昊考试行政程序进行。